Carbon Farming & Economy Courses - Santa Barbara

Improving land management with leading edge technology and holistic practices

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Carbon Economy/Farming Course Links

Reporting from Carbon Farming Courses, Tennessee, August/September 2009
Carbon Economy Courses, Marin County, CA, October/November 2009

Holistic Management Course - Kirk Gadzia - short film of course in the field

Video and Audio

Joel Salatin on Bloomberg:

Darren Doherty/Keyline Plow in Action:

Gunter Pauli / Power of System Design:

The First Millimeter – Healing the Earth – clip of PBS TV event on Holistic Management:


High resolution photo gallery:

Facilitators' Organizations – many have resources or links pages as well

Darren Doherty -, Australia Felix Permaculture:

Kirk Gadzia –Holistic Management: and

Gunter Pauli – Zero Emissions Research and Initiatives:

Joel Salatin – Polyface Farms:


Holistic Management articles, podcasts, and more

Joel Salatin articles from Acres Magazine:

Family Friendly Farming, Creating a Farm Life Your Children will Treasure

Balance – Stability for Your Life and Farm

Everything I Want to Do is Illegal

Forgiveness Farming

Balance Sheet Switcheroo – Assets Become Liabilities in Industrial Ag





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